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AFM Agreements

The AFM Agreements are Collective Bargaining Agreements as negotiated by The American Federation of Musicians and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers. Each Agreement is negotiated for a specific term, but may be extended after expiration.

Current Theatrical Agreements:

AFM Theatrical Agreement '15-'18 (PDF)
2015-2018 Theatrical/TV Rate Sheet (PDF)
Festival Letter of Agreement (PDF) [under construction]

Current Television Agreement:

AFM Television Agreement '15-'18 (PDF)
2015-2018 Theatrical/TV Rate Sheet (PDF)
Low Budget Films (PDF)

Current Television Videotape Agreement:

AFM Television Videotape Agreement '13-'16 (PDF)

Note: The above agreements are only summaries of the respective collective bargaining agreements. For the actual agreements, please contact the American Federation of Musicians electronic media services division.

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