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LTVF Residual Calculation Form

Thank you for working with the Live Television Videotape Supplemental Markets Fund ("LTVF"). This form and the interactive worksheets that follow are designed to assist you in calculating the residuals owed the Fund based on their Producer's Gross Receipts, in accordance with the AFM Television Videotape Agreement, for the relevant calendar quarter. Please refer to the AFM Collective Bargaining Agreement for details, and to the accompanying "Guide to Secondary Markets Residual Form and Worksheets" for assistance and an explanation of the formulas for calculating residuals.

The worksheets are in Excel spreadsheet form and have interactive fields which will automatically calculate totals and populate the summary table (page 2) with the total residual amounts. Please download the spreadsheet, fill out the first page (Contributor Information), then use the appropriate worksheets which are tabbed at the bottom of your screen, according to the market(s) you are paying for. Return the form back to us in either hard copy or as an attachment, along with your quarterly payment. If you have any questions or need any assistance, please contact us at 818.647.7330, or email us at:

Click here for the Guide to the LTVF Residual Form and Worksheets.
Click here to download the LTVF Residual Calculation Form with interactive fields.

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