Providing service and support to film and television musicians.


  • Jan. 8th - Deadline for all address updates before the U.S. and Canadian tax form mailing.
  • Jan. 29th - U.S. W2 and 1099 tax forms mailed out/post-marked no later than this date.
  • Feb. 17th - Expiration of all W4 tax EXEMPT status for previous calendar year 2020.
  • Feb. 26th - Canadian tax forms mailed out by this date.
  • March 12th - U.S. 1042 tax forms mailed out by this date.
  • May 1st - Deadline to submit a request for a divorce accommodation by the Fund (see here for more details on the Fund's Divorce Accommodation Policy).
  • May 21st - Deadline for all address/tax/beneficiary/BOB/MFB updates, end of Direct Deposit and GO PAPERLESS enrollment for the Regular distribution.
  • July 1st - Regular distribution.
  • July 1st - July 23rd - Stop payment fees - Stop payment fee applies for 15 business days after issuance of Regular distribution checks. No fee thereafter.
  • Aug. 27th - Deadline for address updates and Direct Deposit/GO PAPERLESS enrollment for Omissions distribution.
  • Sept. 15th - Omissions distribution.
  • Sept. 15th - Oct. 4th (15 business days) - Stop payment fee applies for Omissions distribution checks. No fee thereafter.
  • All issued checks are valid for 90 days only, at which point they will become stale-dated and need to be reissued. Effective January 2021, check reissues are processed and issued approximately twice per year, depending upon volume. In no event are checks replaced during the months of December and January to prepare for tax reporting; or during the months of May and June to prepare for the annual distribution.

    Participants are strongly urged to enroll in the Fund's Go Paperless program. For more details, please visit Go Paperless FAQs.