If you are a musician working on Live Television Videotape programs (award shows, late night television, daytime soaps, variety programs, etc.), this area will provide access to pertinent forms, answer questions about payments from the Fund, allow you to search for any unclaimed payments that may be waiting for you, and other useful information relevant to supplemental market payments made to you as a result of your performance on covered television programs.

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If you are a Live Television Videotape Producer, this section will provide you with information about Constructive Notice (obligated television programs produced pursuant to the AFM and Television Producers collective bargaining agreement), copies of the collective bargaining agreements, and a variety of useful information that you will find helpful in making the applicable payments to the Live Television Videotape Supplemental Markets Fund.

Constructive Notice
Assumption Agreement
Television Videotape Agreement (PDF)
Memorandum of Understanding to the
  Television Videotape Agreement (PDF)

Television Videotape Supplemental
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Why haven’t some programs I’ve worked on ever paid into the Fund?

Supplemental market payments are not due until the program generates revenue in a supplemental market. There can be anywhere from a three-month to a 24-month lag between a program’s initial airing in its primary market and the date that supplemental market residuals are triggered. If you believe you have not received residuals for a program that has paid into the LTVF or should have paid in, please submit an Omission Claim Form.

Do composers and vocalists also receive payments from the Fund?

The Fund collects and distributes residuals for musicians and music preparation personnel working on live television/video productions, provided there was at least one original AFM scoring session for the specific live television production they worked on or in some cases, other musicians whose prior recorded product has been utilized in a live television show. The Fund does not cover composers, except to the extent they do “bargaining unit work” such as conducting, orchestrating, etc. This is also true in the case of vocalists. Composers may be covered under ASCAP, BMI, or SESAC. Vocalists may be covered under SAG-AFTRA.

Can I have my checks deposited to my account by direct deposit?

Yes. Not only can you easily arrange for direct deposit to your account, we also encourage you to enroll in the Fund’s Go Paperless option. Learn more about Go Paperless.

I would like my LTVF checks and related statements sent to an address other than my Primary Residence. Is that possible?

Yes. You can either send a signed written request via fax, PDF, or mail to the Fund specifying the Mailing Address to which all checks and related statements should be sent or, if you are registered for Account Access, you can Log In to your account and select My Profile to designate a Mailing Address other than your Primary Residence. We strongly encourage you to enroll in Go Paperless to eliminate the need for receiving checks and statements by mail. You can call us at 1-888-443-6763 if you have questions. Please note: All year-end tax forms will still be mailed to your Primary Residence, as this address is used for tax reporting and withholding purposes.

Is the income from my annual distribution check considered “wages”?

Yes. Payments issued by the Live Television/Video Supplemental Markets Fund represent deferred wage payments – or residual payments – for services performed as a musician in previous years for one or more employers. These payments are issued on behalf of those employers. While the Fund is the withholding agent for the employer, it is not and has never been the direct employer of any of our participants

Can I use my U.S. federal tax I.D. number and have my Fund checks made payable to my corporation?

No. The collective bargaining agreement and the IRS mandate that payments be treated as wages. As such, taxes must be withheld, even if the original session payments were made to your corporation.

Will I need to report the income from my check to federal and state agencies, i.e., EDD or state disability insurance?

Yes. All residual payments received from the Fund are subject to reporting as earned income. You will need to report your deferred wage payments to all appropriate agencies, including those that administer unemployment and disability insurance.

Can these payments be garnished or attached for child support, tax liens, etc.?

Yes. As wages, these payments are subject to garnishment for tax liens, child support payments, and other applicable obligations by authorized agencies.

Assumption Agreement

An Assumption Agreement is required in the event of sale, transfer, assignment, license, or other disposal of ownership or distribution rights. The rights and obligations set out in this agreement may transfer from a Producer to a Buyer or Distributor. Please refer to the AFM’s Television Videotape Agreement for details.

Download the current Assumption Agreement (PDF).

Confirm the obligation of a title scored under the Live Television Videotape Agreement.

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