New Films Paid by Fiscal Year

The Fund maintains a running log of films paying into the Fund each fiscal year, starting with FY 2001. This search finds the first year since FY 2001 that a film paid into the fund. A fiscal year is that of the end date for the period 4/1 – 3/31.

Enter a word or phrase below, and only those films containing the word or phrase (exactly as you entered it) will be displayed after you press the search button.

If you wish to see all the newly-paid films for the current fiscal year, leave the search field empty before you click the search button. To view the new films paid from a prior fiscal year, you may type in or select a fiscal year dating back to FY 2001.

Please note: The final count of all newly-paid films for the current fiscal year is not available on our website until early June.

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