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The Film Musicians Secondary Markets Fund's Online Account Access and its secure forms use industry standard security measures to ensure the information you give us and the information we give you, from within Online Account Access, is secure. For more on our security please read the information below.

How do you know when a site has been secured?

Here is one important clue you should look for when trying to establish whether the website you are visiting has been secured.

The Padlock

Depending on your browser, if you see the padlock next to the URL in your address bar or in the bottom status bar after logging into Online Account Access, or using our secure form pages, you know that a digital certificate has been installed onto this website and that SSL encryption is in place. This means that information being transmitted between your Web Browser and the Web Server you are connected to on the Internet is safe from being tampered with.

Tell me about SSL and digital certificates?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, a security protocol developed by Netscape for managing the security of online message transmission. SSL encrypts or scrambles any information sent from your browser to the server you are connected to, making it impossible to intercept and tamper with the information on the way.

The way that SSL is implemented is via a digital certificate. Digital certificates guarantee the security of the connection between the browser and the server.

E-mail and Forms

When giving us your personal information (Social Security #'s etc. ) please only do so when filling out our secure online forms. Please do not give us personal information via email. Email is not secure and if you are concerned about what to put in a email or would rather give your information to us over the phone please call us at 1-888-443-6763 and ask for Participant Services and we will assist you.

Certification Authorities

Certification Authorities (CAs) are independent bodies that are authorized to issue and sign digital certificates. As part of the process of signing digital certificates, CAs validate the information to be contained in the digital certificate according to their own Certificate Practice Statements (CPS)* before issuing the certificate.

The Film Musicians Secondary Markets Fund web server is registered with Thawte Inc. They are one of the largest internationally recognized certification authorities.

If you have further concerns or questions about our security you may email me or call me directly 818-755-7777 ext.835 Ed Wilkinson

If you want to register for access to the Fund's secure Online Account Access you can start the process by clicking here.