Assumption Agreement

Assignment of this Agreement

This collective agreement shall be personal to each of us and shall not be transferable or assignable by operation of law or otherwise, without the consent in writing of the Federation. Without such consent, we shall not transfer or assign any individual contract (or part thereof) for the performance of services of any member of the Federation or give anyone else control over such contract services. Nevertheless, if the foregoing is violated and services are thereafter performed by such member of the Federation, the obligations and duties imposed by this Agreement shall be binding upon the transferee or assignee. The obligations imposed by this Agreement shall be binding upon each of our subsidiaries engaged in the production of programs. The Federation, at its option, may terminate this Agreement with any signatory hereto at any time after a transfer of any controlling interest in such signatory.

Transfer of Assignment of Programs

In the event that we shall sell, transfer, assign, or otherwise dispose of our television rights in programs made under this Agreement, we shall continue to be responsible for all the obligations and commitments which we have undertaken in this Agreement with respect to such programs, unless the Federation consents to the assumption of those obligations and commitments by the assignee or transferee. We agree to give notice to you within thirty (30) days after each such sale, assignment or transfer.

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