Providing service and support to film and television musicians.

Community Outreach

The Film Musicians Secondary Markets Fund serves a unique role in the film and television industry—in addition to its primary function of collecting and distributing residuals for musicians, the Fund also serves as a resource for motion picture professionals in fostering the motion picture industry, and assists both producers and musicians with the various challenges to the industry.

As part of that mission, the Fund established its Community Outreach Department to bring education, information and clarity to current and aspiring professionals in the film and television music community. During the past decade, the Fund has increased its outreach to the independent "non-studio" community of filmmakers, and expanded its participation in film festivals and film markets to bring valuable information about the business of music in motion picture production to filmmakers. In addition, beginning in 2004, the Fund launched an initiative to participate with various colleges, film schools and emerging filmmaker programs, in order to connect with and inform tomorrow's filmmakers.

The Fund's activities at various festivals, conferences, and conventions have included panel presentations on the changing state of independent film, the nuts and bolts of film scoring, music clearances and music rights, the ins and outs of licensing and publishing, and master classes for young composers and film makers. In addition, the Fund provides written information made simple about the business of music, as well as other reference materials for attendees and participants. The Fund's community outreach initiatives provide a rare opportunity to offer information and guidance regarding all things music in film and television directly to major and independent filmmakers, first-time filmmakers and students.

The following is a partial list of events and activities the Fund has participated in since formally launching its community outreach initiatives in 2004:

Film and Entertainment Festivals

University/Education-Based Initiatives

In addition, the Fund has participated in events with the following organizations:

In addition to educating the film community about the nuts and bolts of music in film and television, the Fund's outreach activities also afford an opportunity to raise awareness among Fund participants about the workings of the Fund, and how to take advantage of automated options such as Direct Deposit, Go Paperless and access to the Fund's website.

Today, after more than a decade of renewed focus upon expanding its education and support activities in furtherance of its mission, the Fund's community outreach initiatives provide leadership, service and assistance to musicians, producers, the music community and the entertainment industry by expanding access to the wealth of information that the Film Musicians Secondary Markets Fund has to offer to the film and television music community.