Community Outreach

The Film Musicians Secondary Markets Fund serves a unique role in the film and television industry. In addition to its primary function of collecting, processing, and distributing residuals to musicians, the Fund’s mission is also to serve as a resource for motion picture professionals and assist both producers and musicians with the various challenges to the industry.

As part of that mission, the Fund established its Community Outreach Department to share knowledge with current and aspiring professionals in the film and television music community. During the past two decades, the Fund increased its outreach to the community of independent filmmakers and launched an initiative to participate with various colleges, film schools and emerging filmmaker programs to provide practical information about the business of scoring to tomorrow’s filmmakers, composers and scoring musicians.

The Fund’s activities at various festivals, conferences, and conventions include panel presentations on the changing state of independent film and the nuts and bolts of scoring in film, television and streaming media.

The Fund’s community outreach activities also raise awareness among Fund participants about the workings of the Fund and how to take advantage of features such as Go Paperless and other services offered by the Fund.

For more information on the Fund’s outreach activities, visit FMSMF’s YouTube  Channel and summary guides (Producers Guide (PDF) and Musicians Guide (PDF)), or contact us at .

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