The History of the Fund – Our Function & Purpose

The Theatrical and Television Motion Picture Special Payments Fund, renamed the Film Musicians Secondary Markets Fund (“the Fund”) in 2003, was organized in 1972. The Fund is administered by an Executive Director.

The Fund was renamed the Film Musicians Secondary Markets Fund under the 2002-2005 Collective Bargaining Agreement to better reflect the true nature and function of the Fund and its services.

The Fund functions as an agent of the Producers and exists as an entity formed through a Collective Bargaining Agreement, whose terms are negotiated every three years, between the Alliance of Motion Picture & Television Producers (AMPTP) and the American Federation of Musicians (AFM).

The sole purpose of the Fund is to serve all those who are eligible to receive residual wage payments, including musicians who are participating members of the American Federation of Musicians, through its Local Unions.

Fund services include receiving employers’ contributions remitted as required by the Collective Bargaining Agreement and the annual disbursement of these contributions to the participants. In addition, the Fund provides customer service for eligible participants, performs regular compliance reviews and actively pursues the collection of employer contributions for obligated films.

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